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Airsoft Super X-9 Swat Sniper Rifle, Black

Your Price: $144.95
Item#: SD315SUPER9[PY-793-1484]
In Stock

The next generation of their popular Super X-9 Spring Sniper Rifle takes everything you love from the UHC 314 Sniper 9 PRO V2 and adds a significant boost in power. This amazing air soft rifle has a velocity of up to 440 fps!
The Swat Tactical Spring Sniper Rifle Super X-9 By UHC features a new heavier barrel design, a new textured finish, a very high quality rifle scope and a full metal bipod!
he majority of this gun is metal. Only the stock  is ABS, the rest of the gun (barrel, trigger, receiver, R.I.S. rails, bipod, scope, scope mounts, bolt and bolt handle) are metal.
The gun uses a magazine feed cartridge for maximum realism (Shell casing ejects each shot) or use the direct feed system for high capacity.
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- Two hi-cap magazine
- Shells magazine
- 10 Shells
- Full metal R.I.S.
- Modular full metal bi-pod
- Scope rail
- 4x40 full metal scope and mounts
- 200  BBs 0.2g
Velocity :
- With .12g BB's - 440fps
- With .20g BB's 390fps
- With .25g BB's - 350fps

Comes with orange paint on tip.
Effective range 150-170 feet
Adjustable Hop-Up System
Weight: 4.5 lbs (only gun)
Weight: 7.5 lbs (gun with bipod and scope)
Length: 42 inches (1070mm)
Caliber : 6mm
Item No: UA-315 (Super X-9 SWAT)
Made in Taiwan

Velocity: 390 fps
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justin says...
This gun is great, i have never used a beter sniper. It is good price and very accurate. There is not a beter sniper anywhere for a beter price, this is the gun you want.

John says...
THIS GUN IS CRAZY!!! Mostly metal man they werent kidding. You could throw this gun down a filight of stairs and is wouldn't take a knick. The scope comes with covers and is made of a nice metal and still light weight. Also the bipod has a place to put all of your tactical needs. Not to metion this gun has a nice easy sliding bolt very easy to pull back while prone. Now to top it off it comes with shells giving it the cool Hollywood style Rambo effect. All in all this gun is a five star quality highly recommended for anyone new to airsoft and the veterans.

Timmy says...
this gun is the best ive ever had you can count on it

Dave says...
This gun is mad ballin(fly)[good] except for two things. The shells and directions. directions are crap, and i had a hard time loading and firing with the shells. the accuracy is very good and the speed is superb. Excellent Gun. bad directions. definate purchase

Andii says...
While competition airsofting in the woods I find this gun to be very reliable. The whole gun overall has great performance. it is easy to set up and lay prone or while on the move. the accuracy is amazing. I couldnt ask for a better long distance gun.

DJ says...
This is my favorite rifle I own. For a spring it has amazing range, and reliability. Once you get use to where the pellets go you can nail targets 99% of the time. It's great for entry level players and current ones too. Who needs gas with this babies range.
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